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بوابة النخبة الرقمية للطلاب والمتدربين

2023 - 2024

AL Nokhba College

Because education is the future of civilizations, so the college seeks to provide practical and digital education to all its learners in the world with outstanding quality.

The Experts

We have many Experts in many Fiels of Educaion with much years of Experinace in This Fields.


Our courses serve different aspects of work and qualify young people and entrepreneurs to compete in the market.


The academic certificates are accredited by various international bodies that are recognized internationally.

Popular Courses

The college seeks to develop all courses and some of our courses are characterized by the number of students and their spread around the world.

Languages Courses

The ability to speak more than one language is a skill that is not only makes you more employable, but opens the door to new cultures, new people, and new experiences with more opportunities.

Computer Courses

In today’s digital world, technology encompasses almost everything we do, both personally and professionally. The study of Computer Courses, includes developing systems of computers.

Accounting courses

The business world has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. In order to succeed in this competitive world, you need to optimize your knowledge of all aspects of an organization.


The college is accredited by several international organizations, organizations and federations.


American Board For Quality Science And Technology.


American University Of Professional Studies.


The International Cultural Office.


International Federation Of Professional And Digital Universities And Institutes.